3D Printed Travel Lather Bowl

This 3D printed travel lather bowl has been a labour of love for a while.  I wanted to create a lather bowl I could take with me and that could hold my razor and blades.  I already have a great brush holder.  The bowl itself takes up a bit of space so I thought it would be wise to put the razor and blades inside the bowl.

My first version of this functioned well but had a few challenges.  Threading wasn’t as robust as I wanted it.  The knurling wasn’t really consistent.  The texture, while whipping up a great lather, made it difficult to clean out remaining soap.  I went back to the drawing board.  This new version is thicker all around.  The lather pattern only goes in one direction to make cleaning a breeze.  Threads have been thickened up.  All give this bowl a little more structure and a bit more polish.

For the inserts, I’ve started working on patterns for different razors.  I had to rework those a bit.  The first one I completed was for a Rockwell 6c/6s to hold the razor and all the caps.  Next up will be my Karve CB, the Gillette Tech Fat Handle, and a universal altoids insert.  You will be able to purchase in the store, but, as with all my 3D printables, you can download and print your own.  This one is still a work in progress so I plan to add more inserts once they have been modeled.  I hope you enjoy:




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