Lather Bowl – Waylon (XL)

DROP ALERT: Thursday February 4th 7:00PM CST (8:00PM EST)

Lather Bowl – Waylon (XL)

Well, it is that time again… another bowl drop.  Thank you for your patience.  COVID continues to be a challenge for us to get into the space to create new bowls.  We have a good variety of bowls this go with many more XL sizes and even a couple of lefties for those that use the brush with the left hand.  You will also notice this drop the lather bowls have names!  This is for no other reason than to make it easier for you to find the bowl you loved by name come drop day.  Can you guess where each name came from?

I do ask one thing this drop…. patience with deliveries.  I hesitated (and even delayed) this drop because of my concerns with deliveries.  The postal systems around the world are dealing with unprecedented challenges getting packages to people in a timely fashion.  Tracking information always seems hit or miss.  You have my commitment that any pottery purchased gets packed up within a day or two and you will receive a tracking email at that time.  Past that, I will have the same information you do.  In is not uncommon to see no tracking updates for a week or two in these parts.  I can assure you I send everything insured and watch the tracking until it hits your end.  If I foresee an issue I start a trace procedure at that time to ensure you are taken care of.  Speed I have no control of.  I’d get them to your house tomorrow if I could.

With that, thank you for your continued patience and your interest in our products.  Hopefully there is something in this drop that catches your eye. The online store will be stocked at the time of the drop.

All for now – Jared