DROP ALERT: Tuesday, October 25th 7:00PM EST (4:00PM PST)

Long time coming….. and here we are. I’m sure you’ve heard all the fun stories about supply chains and shipping costs ad nauseam, so I won’t bore you with the details other than to say we have also been impacted. For this drop, we are not increasing any product prices as we already had supplies on hand when costs started jumping. However, going forward there will be some small price increases to cover the increased cost we are paying for clay and glaze. I’ll do my best to keep that as low as possible when the next drop comes.

The area we aren’t able to control this drop is shipping costs. Our postal system saw more price increases this year and unfortunately, that will result in higher shipping costs this time around. We have our system hooked directly into Canada Post in order to show you accurate shipping costs based on the specific items you order. What we charge is what it costs us to send the items (and occasionally we undercharge if your order requires packaging larger than our typical shipping box.) I wish there was more that we could do for shipping costs, but it is what it is. Our commitment is to charge the lowest we possibly can when we ship and to get items out the door quickly with tracking sent to our customers as soon as we have it.

Lastly, we did another large round of upgrades to the website in hopes it will handle the traffic. I know I said that last time but the demand grew much more than I anticipated. I have ramped it up again. Hopefully, that solves the problem, but again we ask for patience if the demand outpaces the platform.

With that, thank you for your continued patience and your interest in our products. Hopefully, there is something in this drop that catches your eye. The online store will be stocked at the time of the drop.

All for now – Jared





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