Like Grandpa Shave Products

Recently I posted on the Canadian Wet Shavers forum looking for opinions on pre shaves.  I had never used one and was looking for opinions on the products, did they work?  are they necessary?  any recommendations?

Shortly after my post, I received a message from Ken, the owner of Like Grandpa Shave products.  He reached out to me and offered to send me a sample of his pre shave oil to try out.  Ken and his wife Keenyn are artisans that make a line of shave products that have been on my radar for a while.  I originally was supposed to go to Edmonton for a trip and was planning to look them up, but that fell through.  This gave me an opportunity to give the product line a try and check out a new vendor.  I accepted the offer on the condition he let me pay shipping and buy a soap as well.

Ordering was a simple process and it was shipped that day (!).  I received it a few days later, a full bottle of his shave oil, the soap I purchased, and a bonus of an after-shave balm as well.  A great all around experience.  I would definitely suggest looking them up.

Like Grandpa Shave Products