The fragrance community has been linked with the wet shaving community for quite some time.  For some, wet shaving has been the gateway to the fragrance community.  Many find a soap or aftershave fragrance they like and then realize it is an homage to a cologne, EDT (Eau De Toilett) or EDP (Eau De Parfum).  Others have come from the fragrance community, looking for either a better scented shaving product or to bridge their favourite scent from shave to fragrance.  There are already several shaving companies that have aftershaves with scent strengths approaching cologne levels and even have EDTs and EDPs in their fragrance line.  You are seeing collaborations between shaving companies and perfuming houses to bring those two worlds together and you are even seeing fragrance companies starting to bring out more shaving products in their lines.  As you can see, these two communities are undoubtadly linked and the lines blurring between them every day.

For me, I’d really like to get into fragrances but there have always been a couple barriers.  1. cost – to try fragrances and get a collection going can be a big investment and 2. my day job is a scent sensitive workplace.  I get very few occassions to wear a cologne, EDT or EDP.  Wet shaving has solved both of these for me.  First, I can try several scents, see which I like and which works for me for a much lower pricepoint.  And second, I can use a shaving soap/aftershave fragrance with little concern about being too overpowering at the day job (with a few exceptions).

One thing I did notice is that I was having a hard time finding which shaving soap/aftershave was an homage to a fragrance.  In a few cases, I even bought a duplicate scent from alternative artisans, not realizing they were the same scent.  What I wanted to do is start a resource listing aristan products and the fragrance they pay homage to.  I’m hoping this will prevent me from making that same mistake and can be a valuable resouce for someone wanting to have a matching shaving product to their fragrance of choice.  This list doesn’t have everything, but I hope it is a start and as I find more, I can update this list.

If there are any you want me to add, please fill out the form with the details and I will happily add it (once confirmed).

Abercrombie & Fitch FierceMurphy & McNealInfinitus Fiadhaich
Abercrombie & Fitch FierceOleoFiera
Acqua Di GioStirling Soap CoDunshire
Acqua Di GioVan YulayGlacier
Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Fico Di AmalfiRazorockX
Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mirto Di PanareaRazorockXX
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaCatie’s BubblesInspirazione Di Parma
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaFine AccoutrementsItalian Citrus
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaOleo Shiloh
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaRazorockXXX
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaStirling Soap CoPiacenza
Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa OudRazorockThe Stallion
Alexandria Fragrances – OmertàThe ClubLa Costra Nostra
AramisPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsPorthos
Azzaro ChromeStirling Soap CoDirty South Wet Shavers 2019
Bleu De ChanelSoap CommanderCourage
Bleu De ChanelStirling Soap CoDeep Blue Sea
Bleu De ChanelVan YulayDress Bleu's
Boellis Panama 1924RazorockMudder Focker
Bvlgari Man In BlackVan YulayBlack
Caldey Island LavenderBarrister & MannReserve Lavender
Chanel Allure Homme SportVan YulayAllure
Creed AventusAriana & EvansSpartacus
Creed AventusDeclaration GroomingSellout
Creed AventusFine AccoutrementsPlatinum
Creed AventusFirst Canadian Shave Soap CompanyNight Moves
Creed AventusMurphy & McNealTrinity
Creed AventusPhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Doppelgänger Grey Label
Creed AventusRazorockEmperor
Creed AventusRazorockFreedburg
Creed AventusStirling Soap CoExecutive Man
Creed AventusVan YulaySuccess
Creed AventusWet Shaving ProductsOlympus
Creed Green Irish TweedCatie’s BubblesCeltic Knot
Creed Green Irish TweedMurphy & McNealCrann Bethadh
Creed Green Irish TweedMystic WaterIrish Traveler
Creed Green Irish TweedPhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Tweed
Creed Green Irish TweedRazorockIrish Countryside
Creed Green Irish TweedStirling Soap CoSharp Dressed Man
Creed Green Irish TweedVan YulayIrish Tweed
Creed Green Irish TweedWet Shaving ProductsGaelic Tweed
Creed Millesime ImperialStirling Soap CoRoyal
Creed Silver Mountain WaterMurphy & McNealEisteacht Claddagh
Creed Silver Mountain WaterOleoBonaire
Creed Silver Mountain WaterStirling Soap CoIsland Man
Creed Silver Mountain WaterStirling Soap CoMountain Man
Creed Silver Mountain WaterThe ClubWarrior Of Howling Fjord
Creed Silver Mountain WaterWet Shaving ProductsMatterhorn
Creed VikingMurphy & McNealGael Laoch
Creed Virgin Island WaterAriana & EvansSt. Barts
Davidoff Cool WaterVan YulayBrisk Waters
Davidoff Cool WaterWet Shaving ProductsSummer Breeze
Diesel Fuel for Life Van YulayBrandstof
Dior SauvageAriana & EvansHedonisme
Dior SauvageAriana & EvansMonte Carlo
Dior SauvageDeclaration GroomingTaxes
Dior SauvageMurphy & McNealKells
Dior SauvageOleoEmpire
Dior SauvagePhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Doppelgänger Black Label
Dior SauvageVan YulayGentle Savauge
Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue Pour HommeMurphy & McNealGarda Siochana
Drakkar NoirEntre Bulles Et Moi Filslade
Drakkar NoirMickey Lee Soapworks Pantie Dropper
Drakkar NoirStirling Soap CoNoir
Drakkar NoirVan YulayBlack Dragon
Drakkar NoirWet Shaving ProductsFougere Noir
Fabergé BrutK Shave WorxShaping Up
Fabergé BrutPhoenix & BeauRight Handed Giant
Fabergé BrutPhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Et Tu?
Fabergé BrutReef PointIntrepid
Fabergé BrutVan YulayMinotaur
Floid BlueBarrister & MannReserve Cool
Floid BlueRazorockBlue Barbershop
Gillette Sun UpBarrister & MannReserve Classic
Gillette Sun UpPhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Sun Down
Gillette Wild RainBarrister & MannReserve Waves
Guerlain VetiverAriana & EvansVetiver Magnifique
Guerlain VetiverFine AccoutrementsGreen (Clean) Vetiver
Hanae MoriStirling Soap CoTsuka
Hermes Pamplemousse RoseAriana & EvansPamplemousse
Histoires De ParfumsThe ClubThe Novelist
Houbigant Fougère RoyaleBarrister & MannReserve Fern
Houbigant Fougère RoyalePhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsDéjà Fougère
Keith Urban PhoenixVan YulayBacchus
Kenneth Cole BlackGinger's GardenMIB
Kenneth Cole MankindOleoHumanitas
Leeming Hai KaratePhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Lo Haiku
Love Spell By Victoria’s SecretStirling Soap CoWitchy Woman
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540The ClubClub Baccara
Maison Margiela – Replica :: At The BarberOleoNo. 11
Maison Margiela – Replica ::Jazz ClubZingari ManThe Soloist
Mäurer & Wirtz 4711Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements11235
Mont Blanc LegendPhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Gondolier
Mont Blanc LegendStirling Soap CoD-503
Nasomatto Black AfganoAriana & EvansKhalifa
Old SpiceBarrister & MannReserve Spice
Old SpicePhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Cold Spices
Old SpiceSoap CommanderEndurance
Old SpiceStirling Soap CoStirling Spice
Old SpiceVan YulayOld Spice
Old SpiceWild West Shaving Co.Snake Oil
Paco One MillionRazorock Gold
Paco One MillionVan YulayFortune
Paco Rabanne Pour HommePhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Doppelgänger Green Label
Parfums De Marly PegasusAriana & EvansGrecian Horse
Penhaligon's SartorialPhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Doppelgänger Ox Blood Label
Pinaud ClubmanPhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Clubguy
Pinaud ClubmanVan YulayZephyrus
Ralph Lauren ChapsPhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Doppelgänger Orange Label
Ralph Lauren Polo BluePhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Steeplechase Sport
Ralph Lauren Polo GreenFirst Canadian Shave Soap CompanyStaggering Stallion
Ralph Lauren Polo GreenPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsHan Polo
Ralph Lauren Polo GreenPhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Steeplechase
Ralph Lauren Polo GreenStirling Soap CoStirling Green
Santa Maria Novella Tobaco TuscanoRazorockSanta Maria Del Fiore
Terre D’HermesCatie’s BubblesLe Vert Orange
Terre D’HermesDeclaration GroomingTrimegistus
Terre D’HermesFine AccoutrementsL’Orange Noir
Terre D’HermesRazorockSon Of Zeus
Terre D’HermesStirling Soap CoArkadia
Terre D’HermesVan YulayJawp
Tom Ford's Neroli PortofinoMurphy & McNealCat Sidhe
Tom Ford's Oud WoodMurphy & McNealMagh Tured
Tom Ford's Tobacco VanilleMurphy & McNealTobac Fanaile
Tom Ford's Tuscan LeatherOleoNew City
Tom Ford's Tuscan LeatherRazorockTuscan Oud
Tom Ford's Tuscan LeatherWholly KawItalian Holiday
Tom Ford’s F***Ing FabulousOleo40
Tom Ford’s F***Ing FabulousPhoenix Artisan Accoutrements Doppelgänger F-Bombs
Tom Ford’s Grey VetiverCatie’s BubblesUn Jour Gris
Tom Ford’s Grey VetiverFine AccoutrementsFresh Vetiver
Tom Ford’s Oud WoodOleoIsidro
Tom Ford’s Tobacco VanilleAriana & EvansVanille De Tabac
Tom Ford’s Tobacco VanilleStirling Soap CoHaverford
Tom Ford’s Tobacco VanilleVan YulayTabac De Laval
Tom Ford’s Tobacco VanilleWet Shaving ProductsTabacco Vanille
Versace Pour HommeStirling Soap CoStirling For Him
Versace Pour HommeVan YulayShuyak Island
Viktor And Rolf SpicebombGinger's GardenSpice Grenade
Viktor And Rolf SpicebombNoble OtterKaboom
Viktor And Rolf SpicebombOleoWayoh
Viktor And Rolf SpicebombStirling Soap CoDeton8
Viktor And Rolf SpicebombStirling Soap CoKaboom
Yves St. Laurent La Nuit De L’HommeOleoExcursion
Yves St. Laurent La Nuit De L’HommeStirling Soap CoSandpiper
Yves St. Laurent Rive GaucheFine AccoutrementsAmerican Blend
Yves St. Laurent Rive GaucheOleoIrving Park
Yves St. Laurent Rive GaucheRazorockAmerican Barber