The fragrance community has been linked with the wet shaving community for quite some time.  For some, wet shaving has been the gateway to the fragrance community.  Many find a soap or aftershave fragrance they like and then realize it is an homage to or a “dupe” of a cologne, EDT (Eau De Toilette) or EDP (Eau De Parfum).  Others have come from the fragrance community, looking for either a better-scented shaving product or to bridge their favourite scent from shave to fragrance.  There are already several shaving companies that have aftershaves with scent strengths approaching cologne levels and even have EDTs and EDPs in their fragrance line.  You are seeing collaborations between shaving companies and perfuming houses to bring those two worlds together and you are even seeing fragrance companies starting to bring out more shaving products in their lines.  As you can see, these two communities are undoubtedly linked and the lines blurring between them every day.

For me, I’d really like to get into fragrances but there have always been a couple barriers.  1. cost – to try fragrances and get a collection going can be a big investment and 2. my day job is a scent-sensitive workplace.  I get very few occasions to wear cologne, EDT or EDP.  Wet shaving has solved both of these for me.  First, I can try several scents, see which I like and which works for me for a much lower price point.  And second, I can use a shaving soap/aftershave fragrance with little concern about being too overpowering at the day job (with a few exceptions).

One thing I did notice is that I was having a hard time finding which shaving soap/aftershave was an homage to a fragrance.  In a few cases, I even bought a duplicate scent from alternative artisans, not realizing they were the same scent.  What I wanted to do is start a resource listing artisan products and the fragrance they pay homage to or scents products they have that smell like another fragrance.  I’m hoping this will prevent me from making that same mistake and can be a valuable resource for someone wanting to have a matching shaving product to their fragrance of choice.  The list is not intended to be soaps/splashes that go well with others, this list is intended to list soaps/splashes that smell the same (or extremely similar) to fragrances.

Also, my intention is for this to be the go-to source for looking up shave dupes/homages.  I spend a lot of time curating and maintaining it.  I hope you find it useful.  All that I ask is that if you want to share the list, please link here and credit the work and not just copy and paste it to your website/blog/etc.  Thanks!  And Enjoy 🙂

Are we missing an entry from our list? Do you have a dupe/homage that you don’t see listed? Help us by submitting so we can add it to the master list.

La Labo Another 13345 Soap Co.13 Elements
Givenchy Pour Homme345 Soap Co.Big Dig
Roja Dove Manhattan345 Soap Co.Cowboy Up!
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540345 Soap Co.Derby
Kilian Straight to Heaven345 Soap Co.Eternal
Ralph Lauren Safari for Men345 Soap Co.Expedition
Crafter's Choice™ Barber Shoppe - EO & FO Blend 123345 Soap Co.Fresh Cut Fade
Versace Pour Homme345 Soap Co.Rendevouz
Le Labo Another 13345 Soap Co.Thirteen Elements
Creed Aventus345 Soap Co.Tight Lines
Lacoste L12.12 Blanc345 Soap Co.Trench Lines
Paco Rabanne One Million Lucky345 Soap Co.Yacht Club
Tom Ford Rive D'Ambre345 Soap Co.Den of Thieves
Initio Parfums Oud for GreatnessAbbate Y La MantiaIshtar
Kilian Black PhantomAlexandria FragrancesBlack Knight
Creed Aventus CologneAlexandria FragrancesBrasilia Cologne
Creed Millesime ImperialAlexandria FragrancesCitron Del Mar
Tom Ford Lost CherryAlexandria FragrancesFructus Virginis
Creed Virgin Island WaterAlexandria FragrancesHawaii Volcano
Initio Parfums Psychodelic LoveAlexandria FragrancesPurpl3 [email protected]
Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleAlexandria FragrancesSweet Smoke
Roja Parfums ElysiumAlexandria FragrancesZion
Tom Ford Noir ExtremeAlpha Shaving WorksAlpha Noir
Crafter's Choice™ Barber Shoppe - EO & FO Blend 123Angora SoapsBarbershop
Tom Ford Ombre LeatherAngora SoapsHigh Roller
Calani Oriental PlumAriana & EvansAsian Plum
Guerlain Habit RougeAriana & EvansBad Habbits
Montale Chocolate GreedyAriana & EvansCacao Lussuria
Roja Parfums Enigma Pour HommeAriana & EvansCreation B
Parfums De Marly PegasusAriana & EvansGrecian Horse
Dior SauvageAriana & EvansHedonisme
Nasomatto Black AfganoAriana & EvansKhalifa
Terre D’Hermes Eau d'Orange VertAriana & EvansL'Orange Verte
Dior SauvageAriana & EvansMonte Carlo
Hermes Pamplemousse RoseAriana & EvansPamplemousse
Chanel Platinum EgoisteAriana & EvansPlatinum
Roja Parfums Enigma Pour HommeAriana & EvansProject C
Viktor And Rolf SpicebombAriana & EvansRevolution
Creed AventusAriana & EvansSpartacus
Creed Virgin Island WaterAriana & EvansSt. Barts
Ralph Lauren Polo GreenAriana & EvansThe Equestrian
Creed Royal OudAriana & EvansThe Kingdom
Grey Matter Parfums UnoAriana & EvansUno
Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleAriana & EvansVanille De Tabac
Guerlain VetiverAriana & EvansVetiver Magnifique
Orto Parisi BoccaneraAriana & EvansBoca Negra
Dior SauvageArsenal Grooming1920
Yves St. Laurent Rive GaucheArsenal GroomingBrooklyn Barber
Dolce & Gabbana The OneArsenal GroomingCabaret
Tom Ford Fougere PlatineArsenal GroomingJane Doe
Jean Paul Gaultier Le MaleArsenal GroomingProhibition
Hugo Boss NightArsenal GroomingRetro Man
Paco Rabanne 1 MillionArsenal GroomingRoute 101
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaAsylum Shave WorksColonia
Houbigant Fougère RoyaleAsylum Shave WorksRoyal Fougére
Calvin Klein CK OneBarberia BologniniDopobarba Fresco
Paco Rabanne 1 MillionBarberia BologniniDopobarba Vigoroso
de Laire Mousse de SaxeBarrister & MannLavanille
Gillette Sun UpBarrister & MannReserve Classic
Floid BlueBarrister & MannReserve Cool
Houbigant Fougère RoyaleBarrister & MannReserve Fern
Caldey Island LavenderBarrister & MannReserve Lavender
Old SpiceBarrister & MannReserve Spice
Gillette Wild RainBarrister & MannReserve Waves
Houbigant Fougère RoyaleBarrister and MannFougere Classique
Creed AventusBlackship GroomingCaptain's Reserve
Crafter's Choice™ Barber Shoppe - EO & FO Blend 123Blackship GroomingTwo Bits
Armani CodeBubblicious BathtimesA Close Shave - Black Ops
Liz Claiborne SparkBubblicious BathtimesA Close Shave - Deadly Weapon
Hugo Boss BossBubblicious BathtimesA Close Shave - Main Man
Creed AventusCaptain's ChoiceVenture
Tommy Hilfiger TommyCatie’s Bubbles95 Liquid Labels
Creed Green Irish TweedCatie’s BubblesCeltic Knot
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaCatie’s BubblesInspirazione Di Parma
Terre D’Hermes Eau d'Orange VertCatie’s BubblesLe Vert Orange
Tom Ford Black OrchidCatie’s BubblesMidnight Dreary
Creed Millesime ImperialCatie’s BubblesOcean Grove
Creed Windsor (Royal Mayfair)Catie’s BubblesRoyal Garden
La Toja MagnoCatie’s BubblesSpanish Holiday
Tom Ford Grey VetiverCatie’s BubblesUn Jour Gris
Joop! HommeCatie’s BubblesAngel Eyes
Creed Green Irish TweedCentral Texas SoapsIrish Flats
Creed Original SantalChiseled FaceCinnawood Boroka
Old SpiceCooper & FrenchOld Goat
Creed Royal WaterCountry Club1837
Paco Rabanne Pour HommeCountry ClubClassic Fougere
Creed Original VetiverCountry ClubFrozen Vetiver
Dolce & Gabanna Pour HommeCountry ClubModern Fougere
Creed Royal OudCountry ClubSouthern Oud
Armani Acqua Di GioCountry ClubSweet Water
Creed Green Irish TweedCrow & Sparrow WaresIrish Tweed
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540Crowne & CraneBanque
Maison Margiela – Replica :: Coffee BreakCrowne & CraneBarista
Prada Luna RossaCrowne & CraneCalante
Byredo Seven VeilsCrowne & CraneCarnival
Creed Green Irish TweedCrowne & CraneCeltic Tweed
Tom Ford Lost CherryCrowne & CraneCherry Ho
Maison Margiela – Replica :: Jazz ClubCrowne & CraneFrenchmen St.
Davidoff Cool WaterCrowne & CraneKraken
Armani Acqua Di GioCrowne & CraneMakai
Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue Pour HommeCrowne & CraneMusique Nuit
Dolce & Gabbana The OneCrowne & CraneOdyssey One
Creed Millesime ImperialCrowne & CranePalloncino
Bleu De ChanelCrowne & CranePerfect Man
Byredo Burning RoseCrowne & CraneRose On Fire
Old SpiceCrowne & CraneThe Spice
Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleCrowne & CraneTobacco Vanilla
Creed Green Irish TweedCut A SwellTweed
Bond 9 Bleeker StreetDeclaration GroomingCygnus X-1
Parfums De Marly HerodDeclaration GroomingMassacre of the Innocents
Parfums De Marly LaytonDeclaration GroomingOpulence
Creed AventusDeclaration GroomingSellout
Dior SauvageDeclaration GroomingTaxes
Terre D'HermesDeclaration GroomingTrismegistus
Creed Royal WaterDentonMajikAqua Regia
Creed AventusDentonMajikAventura
Creed Green Irish TweedDentonMajikBreidin
Nikos SculptureDentonMajikCitrus Floral Breeze
Aqua Di Parma Colonia OudDentonMajikColonial Oud
Versace V/SDentonMajikContra
Versace Man Eau FraicheDentonMajikFraiche Eau Mel
Hugo Boss UnlimitedDentonMajikFresh Unlimited
Creed HimalayaDentonMajikHimal
Hugo Bottled InfinateDentonMajikInfinate Love
KourosDentonMajikKRS Classic
Ralph Lauren Safari for MenDentonMajikKuSaFiRi
Yves St. Laurent Rive GaucheDentonMajikMayberry Man
Creed Silver Mountain WaterDentonMajikMountain Air
Creed Millesime ImperialDentonMajikSovereign
Creed Original VetiverDentonMajikVetiver Original
Nautica VoyageDentonMajikVoyage to the Keys
Creed Bois Du PortugalDentonMajikYo Bois
Creed Green ValleyDentonMajikMasters of the Green
Davidoff Cool WaterDirty Deeds SoapsCool Water
Creed Green Irish TweedDirty Deeds SoapsGreen Tweed
Ralph Lauren Polo BlueDLC-YaqiHypnotic Blue
AramisDLC-YaqiMusketeer Rapier
Lacoste GreenDLC-YaqiThe Green
Creed AventusEleven ShavingApollo
Mugler AngelEleven ShavingLe Intense
Drakkar NoirElly's Wonder ShopSvart Vikingaskip
Drakkar NoirEntre Bulles Et MoiFilslade
Floid AmberEpsilonAmber
Floid BlueEpsilonMediterranean
Maison Margiela – Replica :: Jazz ClubEthos Grooming EssentialsBlue Note
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaEthos Grooming EssentialsColonia
Creed Wood & SpiceEthos Grooming EssentialsRendezvous
Creed AventusEthos Grooming EssentialsSuccès
Terre D'HermesExtro CosmesiDue November
Eau SavageExtro CosmesiO, Selvaggio!
Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Fico Di AmalfiExtro CosmesiPositano
Fabergé BrutExtro CosmesiThe End
Dior SauvageFaenaAmber Fougere
Chanel GabrielleFaenaDaphne
Creed Green Irish TweedFaenaGaelic Green
Creed AventusFaenaImperial
Tom Ford F***Ing FabulousFaenaPegasus
Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleFaenaPhilosoap
Crafter's Choice™ Bay Rum - EO & FO Blend 129Fendrihan Shaving CreamBay Rum
Tom Ford Tuscan LeatherFenomeno ShaveMachiavelli
Yves St. Laurent Rive GaucheFine AccoutrementsAmerican Blend
Floid BlueFine AccoutrementsBarber Blue
Pinaud ClubmanFine AccoutrementsClubhouse
Tom Ford Grey VetiverFine AccoutrementsFresh Vetiver
Guerlain VetiverFine AccoutrementsGreen (Clean) Vetiver
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaFine AccoutrementsItalian Citrus
Terre D'HermesFine AccoutrementsL’Orange Noir
Joseph Knize Knize TenFine AccoutrementsLatigo
Knize TenFine AccoutrementsLatigo
Czech & Speake Oxford & CambridgeFine AccoutrementsLavender Pour Homme
Creed AventusFine AccoutrementsPlatinum
The Art of Shaving SandalwoodFine AccoutrementsSantal Absolute
Creed Millesime ImperialFirst Canadian Shave Soap CompanyMotherf*cker
Creed AventusFirst Canadian Shave Soap CompanyNight Moves
Ralph Lauren Polo Double BlackFirst Canadian Shave Soap CompanyNotorius
Ralph Lauren Polo GreenFirst Canadian Shave Soap CompanyStaggering Stallion
Tom Ford Black OrchidFirst Canadian Shave Soap CompanyValkyrie
Calvin Klein CK OneFirst Line Shave90's Rewind
Terre D'HermesFirst Line ShaveA Christmas Shave
Calvin Klein EternityFirst Line ShaveBlue
Amouage Beach Hut ManFirst Line ShaveDapper Man
Bond 9 Bleeker StreetFirst Line ShaveDelmar Blvd
Yves St. Laurent TuxedoFirst Line ShaveFallout
Viktor And Rolf Spicebomb ExtremeFirst Line ShaveFrag Out!
Yves St. Laurent Opium pour HommeFirst Line ShaveGreen
Initio Parfums Oud for GreatnessFirst Line ShaveIllustrious Oud
Byron Parfums The ChronicFirst Line ShaveLife and Death
Xerjoff NioFirst Line ShaveRazor Ruby
Roja Parfums Enigma Pour HommeFirst Line ShaveRazor Ruby Undead
Dior FahrenheitFirst Line ShaveRed
Roja Parfums ElysiumFirst Line ShaveSt. Louis Barbershop
Versace ErosFirst Line ShaveStar Odyssey
Floid BlueFurboVintage Blu
Gucci Made to MeasureFuzzy Face SoapsMade to Measure
Creed AventusFuzzy Face SoapsNapoleon
Penhaligon's Blenheim BouquetGentleman's Nod / Bullgoose ShavingSir Winston
Zaharoff Brass & SoulGentleman’s Nod / Zaharoff (Collaboration)Zaharoff Brass & Soul
Zaharoff Business Over PleasureGentleman’s Nod / Zaharoff (Collaboration)Zaharoff Business Over Pleasure
Zaharoff Leather TabacGentleman’s Nod / Zaharoff (Collaboration)Zaharoff Leather Tabac
Zaharoff SignatureGentleman’s Nod / Zaharoff (Collaboration)Zaharoff Signature
Zaharoff Signature NoirGentleman’s Nod / Zaharoff (Collaboration)Zaharoff Signature Noir
Zaharoff Signature ROYALEGentleman’s Nod / Zaharoff (Collaboration)Zaharoff Signature ROYALE
Zaharoff The SirenGentleman’s Nod / Zaharoff (Collaboration)Zaharoff The Siren
Armani Acqua Di GioGinger's GardenAqua Di Gio
Creed AventusGinger's GardenAventus Type
Davidoff Cool WaterGinger's GardenCool Water
Drakkar NoirGinger's GardenDrakkar Noir
Jean Paul Gaultier Le MaleGinger's GardenLe Male
Kenneth Cole BlackGinger's GardenMIB
Viktor And Rolf SpicebombGinger's GardenSpice Grenade
Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleGinger's GardenTobacco Vanille
Creed Green Irish TweedGinger’s GardenGreen Irish Tweed Type (Tallow)
Fabergé BrutGrooming DeptBoomer
Creed AventusGrooming DeptIngress
Amouage Interlude ManHave A Great ShaveAftermath
Armani Stronger With YouHave A Great ShaveConclusion
DenimHave A Great ShaveCreatures of the Night
Dior FahrenheitHave A Great ShaveDance Macabre
Diptyque PhilosykosHave A Great ShaveFicus Carcia
Killian Angels' ShareHave A Great ShaveGrinched
Dior SauvageHave A Great ShaveHellfire Club
Paco Rabanne 1 MillionHave A Great ShaveHunters of the Sky
Kilian Black PhantomHave A Great ShaveMemento Mori
Paco Rabanne InvictusHave A Great ShaveOblivion
Caron Pour Un Homme de CaronHave A Great ShavePour Soulbrothers
Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue Pour HommeHave A Great ShaveResurrection
Issey Miyaka L’Eau d’Issey Pour HommeHave A Great ShaveSoberano De Barberias
Davidoff Cool WaterHave A Great ShaveSoul Water
Caron Pour Un Homme de CaronHave A Great ShaveTarocchi
Creed AventusHave A Great ShaveUndertow
Dolce & Gabbana KHave A Great ShaveVoodoo
Viktor And Rolf Flowerbomb MidnightHendrix Classics & CoAphrodite
Abercrombie & Fitch FierceHendrix Classics & CoAtticus Finch
Floid BlueHendrix Classics & CoAzzurro
Crafter's Choice™ Barber Shoppe - EO & FO Blend 123Hendrix Classics & CoBarbershop
Crafter's Choice™ Bay Rum - EO & FO Blend 129Hendrix Classics & CoBay Rum
Burberry Brit for MenHendrix Classics & CoBritanico
Dana English LeatherHendrix Classics & CoBritish Leather
Burberry London for MenHendrix Classics & CoBuckingham
Armani Acqua Di Gio for HerHendrix Classics & CoCapri
Creed Green Irish TweedHendrix Classics & CoCeltic Sea
Old SpiceHendrix Classics & CoCommander
Davidoff Cool WaterHendrix Classics & CoCool Stream
Tom Ford Black OrchidHendrix Classics & CoDark Moon
Dolce & Gabanna Dolce GardenHendrix Classics & CoDecadent Flower
Tom Ford Oud WoodHendrix Classics & CoEmperor Oud
Dior Sauvage ElixirHendrix Classics & CoEmpire State of Mind
Guerlain HommeHendrix Classics & CoEsquire
Creed AventusHendrix Classics & CoFresh Spring
Red Tobacco ManceraHendrix Classics & CoGunslinger
Creed Green Irish TweedHendrix Classics & CoIrish Breeze
Burberry London for MenHendrix Classics & CoJames Bond
Armani Acqua Di GioHendrix Classics & CoJubilation
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Le ParfumHendrix Classics & CoLe Mafioso
Yves St. Laurent LibreHendrix Classics & CoLiberty
Dior SauvageHendrix Classics & CoMagique
Parfums De Marly DelinaHendrix Classics & CoMajesty
Burberry for MenHendrix Classics & CoMan About Town
Mugler AngelHendrix Classics & CoMichel
Gucci EnvyHendrix Classics & CoMogal
Old SpiceHendrix Classics & CoOld Salt
Ralph Lauren Polo BlueHendrix Classics & CoPoseidon
Prada Purple RainHendrix Classics & CoPurple
Azzaro WantedHendrix Classics & CoRenegade
Armani Acqua Di GioHendrix Classics & CoRiviera
Molton Brown Russian LeatherHendrix Classics & CoSiberian Leather
Paco Rabanne Lady MillionHendrix Classics & CoSweet Success
Ed Hardy for MenHendrix Classics & CoTattoo Flash
Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleHendrix Classics & CoTobacco Kiss
Calvin Klein CK beHendrix Classics & CoUnique
Nasomatto Black AfganoHendrix Classics & CoYear of The Tiger
Old Spice Ltd EditionHendrix Classics & CoYoung Salt
Abercrombie & Fitch WoodsHeritage Hill Shave CompanyLibertas
Creed Original SantalHeritage Hill Shave CompanyMidnight Ride
Creed ErolfaHeritage Hill Shave Company / 345 Soap CoThe People's Shave Soap
Tom Ford Lost CherryHighland Springs Shaving CompanyFound Cherry
Dolce & Gabanna Pour Homme IntensoHighland Springs Soap CompanyNotti de Vinza
Guess ManHighland Springs Soap CompanyReflections
Dolce & Gabanna Pour HommeHoffman's Shave SoapAlien Skin
Versace Blue JeansHoffman's Shave SoapBlue Jean Nights
Old SpiceHoffman's Shave SoapBurn the Ships
Bramble Berry Spriced Mahogany Fragrance OilHoffman's Shave SoapBushido
Tom Ford Grey VetiverHoffman's Shave SoapRaven
Bath & Body Works Radiant Red MapleHoffman's Shave SoapRed Hollow
BDK Parfums Velvet TonkaHoffman's Shave SoapThe Great Reset
Crafter's Choice™ Bay Rum - EO & FO Blend 129Hoxton Shave CoCannon Street Road
Le Labo Poivre 23Hub City Soap CompanyAlpha
Creed AventusHub City Soap CompanyDoctrine
Le Labo Santal 33Hub City Soap CompanyIdeal Man
Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleHub City Soap CompanyRed Cabin in the Woods
Creed Green Irish TweedIamamiCraftyGreen Irish Tweed Type
Tom Ford Noir de NoirJeeves of Hudson StreetAbyss
Amouage Jubilation XXVJeeves of Hudson StreetBarbershop De Los Muertos
Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleJeeves of Hudson StreetCabal
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaK Shave WorxAlpi Lepontine
Tom Ford Bitter PeachK Shave WorxBitter Peach
Drakkar NoirK Shave WorxDark Power
Fabergé BrutK Shave WorxShaping Up
Crafter's Choice™ Bay Rum - EO & FO Blend 129Knightsbridge ShavingBay Rum
Houbigant Fougère RoyaleLA Shaving CoTopanga Fougère
Fabergé BrutLather BrosBro
Joop! HommeLather BrosEl Jefe
Mäurer & Wirtz 4711Lather BrosEst 1792 Shaving Time
Davidoff Cool WaterLather BrosHowling Winter
Dior FahrenheitLather BrosRoaring Fire
Dior SauvageLisa’s Natural Herbal CreationsDark Warrior
Creed Green Irish TweedLisa’s Natural Herbal CreationsIrish Green Tweed (Premium Edition)
Old SpiceLisa’s Natural Herbal CreationsMariner
Dolce & Gabbana The OneLisa’s Natural Herbal CreationsOne
Creed AventusLisa’s Natural Herbal CreationsSuccess
Creed Original VetiverLisa’s Natural Herbal CreationsVetivert
Diptyque Oud PalaoLos Jabones de JoserraAltamira
Creed AventusLos Jabones De JoserraCefiro
Diptyque PhilosykosLos Jabones de JoserraFig
Creed Green Irish TweedLos Jabones De JoserraGreen Twist
Nasomatto Black AfganoLos Jabones De JoserraKush
Lalique Encre NoireLos Jabones De JoserraNoir
Amouage Memoire ManLos Jabones De JoserraNoir Noir
Hugo Boss BottledLos Jabones De JoserraSpace Apple
Amouage Jubilation XXVLos Jabones De JoserraVanitas
Tom Ford Noir de NoirLøthurBlack
Bvlgari Man Glacial EssenceLøthurBlue
Parfums De Marly AthaliaLøthurFloraphobia
Diptyque Oud PalaoLøthurNamkha
Comme des Garcons WonderwoodLøthurOregon
Ralph Lauren Polo RedLøthurRed
Salvatore Ferragamo UomoLøthurWhite
Crafter's Choice™ Barber Shoppe - EO & FO Blend 123MaggardsLondon Barbershop
Armani Acqua Di GioMama Bear SoapsAqua Di Gio Type
Creed Royal WaterMama Bear SoapsBounty
Dana English LeatherMama Bear SoapsBritish Leather
Fabergé BrutMama Bear SoapsBrute
Geoffrey Beene's Grey FlannelMama Bear SoapsCabin In The Woods
Azzaro ChromeMama Bear SoapsChrome for Him
Drakkar NoirMama Bear SoapsDrakkar
Murray and Lanman Florida WaterMama Bear SoapsFlorida Water
Givenchy Pour HommeMama Bear SoapsGentleman
Gucci Pour HommeMama Bear SoapsGucci for Him
Joop! HommeMama Bear SoapsJoop Type
Karl Lagerfeld ClassicMama Bear SoapsKL
Sarah Jessica Parker LovelyMama Bear SoapsLovely
Creed Silver Mountain WaterMama Bear SoapsMountain Waters
Kenneth Cole BlackMama Bear SoapsNight Train
Calvin Klein CK ObsessionMama Bear SoapsObsessed for Men
Ralph Lauren Polo BlackMama Bear SoapsPolo Black
Ralph Lauren Polo BlueMama Bear SoapsPolo Blue
Ralph Lauren Polo GreenMama Bear SoapsPolo Green
Creed Green Irish TweedMama Bear SoapsSoaps Dublin Tweed
Pinaud ClubmanMama Bear SoapsThe Club
Guerlain VetiverMama Bear SoapsVetivert
Creed Green Irish TweedMan Cave SoapworksGentleman’s Tweed
Proraso GreenMarmaraBarber #13
Terre D'HermesMarmaraBarber #14
Paco Rabannes InvictusMarmaraBarber #2
Paco Rabanne 1 MillionMarmaraBarber #4
Jean Paul Gaultier Le MaleMarmaraBarber #6
Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Fico Di AmalfiMarmaraBarber #7
Prada Luna Rossa CarbonMarmaraBarber Graffiti #21
Guerlain L'Homme Ideal CologneMarmaraBarber Graffiti #24
Chanel Allure Homme SportMaster Soap CreationsAllura
Paco Rabanne Black XSMaster Soap CreationsBlack Tie
Hugo Boss Dark BlueMaster Soap CreationsDark Blue
Dunhill Desire BlueMaster Soap CreationsDeep Blue
Versace Eros EDPMaster Soap CreationsEros God of Love
Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue Pour HommeMaster Soap CreationsLight Blue
Azzaro WantedMaster Soap CreationsMost Wanted
Jean Paul Gaultier Le MaleMaster Soap CreationsNight On the Town
Davidoff Cool WaterMaster Soap CreationsNordic Croco
Diesel Only The BraveMaster Soap CreationsOnly The Brave
Calvin Klein CK OneMaster Soap CreationsPole Position
Dunhill Red DesireMaster Soap CreationsRuby Forest
Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleMaster Soap CreationsTabacchi
Hugo Boss BottledMaster Soap CreationsThe Chieftain
Fabergé BrutMaster Soap CreationsVintage Faberge
Ted Lapidus Lapidus Pour HommeMaster Soap CreationsVintage Lapidus
Old SpiceMaster Soap CreationsVintage Spice
Yves Saint Laurent Body KourosMaster Soap CreationsZeus God of Thunder
Creed Green Irish TweedMERShavingBanshee’s Breath
Fabergé BrutMERShavingBrut Force
Azzaro ChromeMERShavingChromium
Calvin Klein CK beMERShavingFlair
Yves St. Laurent Rive GaucheMERShavingMore B.S.
Liz Claiborne Curve for MenMERShavingNova
Old SpiceMERShavingOld Timer Spice
Drakkar NoirMickey Lee SoapworksPantie Dropper
Crafter's Choice™ Barber Shoppe - EO & FO Blend 123Mike’s Natural SoapsBarbershop
Creed AventusMurphy & McNealAthchoiritheoir
Amouage Jubilation XXVMurphy & McNealBarbershop De Los Muertos
Tom Ford for MenMurphy & McNealBarbershop De Los Muertos II
Guerlain Homme IntenseMurphy & McNealBarbershop De Los Muertos III
Tom Ford Neroli PortofinoMurphy & McNealCat Sidhe
Creed Green Irish TweedMurphy & McNealCrann Bethadh
Creed Silver Mountain WaterMurphy & McNealEisteacht Claddagh
Creed VikingMurphy & McNealGael Laoch
Creed Viking CologneMurphy & McNealGael Laoch Orange
Liz Claiborne Lucky Number 6Murphy & McNealGael Luc
Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue Pour HommeMurphy & McNealGarda Siochana
Abercrombie & Fitch FierceMurphy & McNealInfinitus Fiadhaich
Dior SauvageMurphy & McNealKells
Tom Ford Oud WoodMurphy & McNealMagh Tured
Kenneth Cole BlackMurphy & McNealMandate of Heaven
Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleMurphy & McNealTobac Fanaile
Creed AventusMurphy & McNealTrinity
Creed Green Irish TweedMystic WaterIrish Traveler
Versace ErosNoble Otter24KT
Burberry for MenNoble OtterDax
Viktor And Rolf SpicebombNoble OtterKaboom
Bond No 9 TexasNoble OtterYeehaw
Thierry Mugler A*MenOccult Grooming EssetialsCuban Delight
Creed Royal OudOccult Grooming EssetialsDruantia
Fabergé BrutOccult Grooming EssetialsFougère Brutale
Nasomatto Black AfganoOccult Grooming EssetialsHades
Old SpiceOccult Grooming EssetialsModern Spice
Orto Parisi MegamareOfficina Artigiana MilanoMaremototo
Tom Ford Tuscan LeatherOfficina Artigiana MilanoOfficina Artigiana Milano
Tom Ford F***Ing FabulousOleo40
Creed Virgin Island WaterOleoBonaire
Amouage Beach Hut ManOleoDapper Man
Dior SauvageOleoEmpire
Yves St. Laurent La Nuit De L’HommeOleoExcursion
Abercrombie & Fitch FierceOleoFiera
Kenneth Cole MankindOleoHumanitas
Yves St. Laurent Rive GaucheOleoIrving Park
Tom Ford Oud WoodOleoIsidro
Tom Ford Tuscan LeatherOleoNew City
Maison Margiela – Replica :: At The BarberOleoNo. 11
Viktor And Rolf SpicebombOleoWayoh
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaOleoShiloh
Hugo Boss BottledOSPBusiness Time
Calvin Klein EternityOSPNo. 8
Old SpiceOSPOld Gold
Dior SauvageOSPUrban Viking
Fabergé BrutPhoenix & BeauRight Handed Giant
Paloma Picasso MinotaurePhoenix & BeauStar Noir
Mäurer & Wirtz 4711Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements11235
Alt InnsbruckPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsAlt Eleven/BANG!
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsAqua D
Proraso GreenPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsAwesome Sauce
Leeming Black BeltPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsBlack Bot
Barbasol OriginalPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsCaD
CellaPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsChella Cool
Tom Ford Ombre LeatherPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsDanaid Foil 50
Houbigant Fougère RoyalePhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsDéjà Fougère
Creed Windsor (Royal Mayfair)Phoenix Artisan AccoutrementsDoppelgänger Gold Label
Mäurer & Wirtz Sir Irisch MoosPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsDoppelgänger Tricolour Label
Ralph Lauren Polo GreenPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsHan Polo
Swedish Dream Sea Salt SoapPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsOld Salty
AramisPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsPorthos
Aqua VelvaPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsSacre Bleu
Murray and Lanman Florida WaterPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsAgua Dulce
Pinaud ClubmanPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsClubguy
Old SpicePhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsCold Spices
Dior SauvagePhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsDoppelgänger Black Label
Tom Ford F***Ing FabulousPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsDoppelgänger F-Bombs
Paco Rabanne Pour HommePhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsDoppelgänger Green Label
Creed AventusPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsDoppelgänger Grey Label
Ralph Lauren ChapsPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsDoppelgänger Orange Label
Penhaligon's SartorialPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsDoppelgänger Ox Blood Label
Floid BlackPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsDroid Black
Fabergé BrutPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsEt Tu?
Leeming Hai KaratePhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsLo Haiku
Skin BracerPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsShave Chaser
Ralph Lauren Polo GreenPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsSteeplechase
Ralph Lauren Polo BluePhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsSteeplechase Sport
Gillette Sun UpPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsSun Down
Creed Green Irish TweedPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsTwee!
Floid AmberPhoenix Artisan AccoutrementsVloid
Dior Bois d'ArgentPinnacle GroomingAll You Need is Love
Dolce & Gabbana The OnePinnacle GroomingAndromeda
Tom Ford Costa AzzurraPinnacle GroomingAquarius
Tom Ford Fourge d’ArgentPinnacle GroomingAriete
Penhaligan's AgarbathiPinnacle GroomingArles
Tom Ford Beau De JourPinnacle GroomingBarbershop
Nasomatto Black AfganoPinnacle GroomingBlack Panther
Bleu De ChanelPinnacle GroomingBlue Channel
Creed VikingPinnacle GroomingBuccaneer
Parfums De Marly KalanPinnacle GroomingCancer
Xerjoff 17/17 Pikovaya DamaPinnacle GroomingCapricorn
Tiziana Terenzi GuminPinnacle GroomingCastalia
Bvlgari Man ExtremePinnacle GroomingChristmas Night Party
Bvlgari Omnia CoralPinnacle GroomingCristal
Lancome TresorPinnacle GroomingDali
Chanel Allure HommePinnacle GroomingDream
Creed AventusPinnacle GroomingEmperor
Penhaligan's EndymionPinnacle GroomingEndymion
Tom Ford Oud WoodPinnacle GroomingFjord
Dior FahrenheitPinnacle GroomingFlames
Acca Cappa Black Pepper & SandalwoodPinnacle GroomingGanesha
Tom Ford Mandorino di AmalfiPinnacle GroomingGeisha
Penhaligan's Terrible TeddyPinnacle GroomingGemini
Penhaligon's SartorialPinnacle GroomingGod Save The Queen
Viktor And Rolf SpicebombPinnacle GroomingGrenade
Paco Rabannes InvictusPinnacle GroomingHero
Tom Ford Plum JapanaisPinnacle GroomingJapanese Plum
Louis Vuitton Les Sables RosesPinnacle GroomingLady Isabel
Bvlgari Man ExtremePinnacle GroomingLeo
Xerjoff Naxos 1861Pinnacle GroomingLibra
Jean Paul Gaultier Le MalePinnacle GroomingMale
Joop! HommePinnacle GroomingMemories
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540Pinnacle GroomingMoulin Rouge
Tom Ford Neroli PortofinoPinnacle GroomingNeroli
Le Labo Santal 33Pinnacle GroomingNew York, New York
Costume National Scent IntensePinnacle GroomingOnce Upon a Time
Penhaligon's HalfetiPinnacle GroomingOttoman
Parfums De Marly PegasusPinnacle GroomingPegasys
Bleu De ChanelPinnacle GroomingPepe Le Bleu
Xerjoff Renaissance 1861Pinnacle GroomingPhoenix
Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour HommePinnacle GroomingPsyched
Tom Ford Azure LimePinnacle GroomingPunks Not Dead
Prada Luna RossaPinnacle GroomingRed Moon
Amouage Reflection ManPinnacle GroomingReflection
Bvlgari Man ExtremePinnacle GroomingReggae
Tom Ford Grey VetiverPinnacle GroomingRetribution
Paco Rabanne 1 MillionPinnacle GroomingSagitter
Azzaro WantedPinnacle GroomingScorpio
Xerjoff Naxos 1861Pinnacle GroomingSicilian
Amouage Al Andalus AttarPinnacle GroomingSirio
Dior SauvagePinnacle GroomingSuave
Old SpicePinnacle GroomingThe Good Ship OS
Kilian Angel’s SharePinnacle GroomingTisifone
Louis Vuitton Nuit de FeuPinnacle GroomingToro
Creed Virgin Island WaterPinnacle GroomingVirgin Island
LM Parfums Ulimate SeductionPinnacle GroomingVirgo
Dolce & Gabanna L’lmperatricePinnacle GroomingVisionary
Xejoff Alexandria IIIPinnacle GroomingWho U Gonna Call
Chanel Allure HommePinnacle GroomingWho You Gonna Call
Michael Kors WonderlustPinnacle GroomingWonderful
Creed Green Irish TweedPurely Skinful Handmade EssentialsMr. Tweed
Creed Green Irish TweedRain Tree BotanicalsGreen Tweed
Armani Acqua Di GioRazorockAcqua
Creed Royal English LeatherRazorockAl Sapone
Yves St. Laurent Rive GaucheRazorockAmerican Barber
Floid BlueRazorockBlue Barbershop
Felce Azzurra ClassicoRazorockBlue Fougére
Creed AventusRazorockEmperor
Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour HommeRazorockFor Chicago
Creed AventusRazorockFreedburg
Creed Green Irish TweedRazorockIrish Countryside
Boellis Panama 1924RazorockMudder Focker
Davidoff Cool WaterRazorockNew York
Penhaligon's ZizoniaRazorockNomad
Santa Maria Novella Tobaco TuscanoRazorockSanta Maria Del Fiore
Terre D'HermesRazorockSon Of Zeus
Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa OudRazorockThe Stallion
Creed Green Irish TweedRazorockTight Buns
Tom Ford Tuscan LeatherRazorockTuscan Oud
Cerruti 1881 MenRazorockUnlabeled
Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche for herRazorockUnlabeled II
Floid BlueRazorockWhat the Puck Blue Label
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaRazorockWhat the Puck Gold Label
Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Fico Di AmalfiRazorockX
Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mirto Di PanareaRazorockXX
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaRazorockXXX
Paco Rabanne 1 MillionRazorockGold
Fabergé BrutReef PointIntrepid
Terre D'HermesRoyall Lyme of JamaicaRugby
Creed Green Irish TweedSaint Meinrad ArchabbeyIrish Tweed
Armani Acqua Di GioSaponificio Varesino70th Anniversary
Azzaro VisitSaponificio VaresinoCubebe
Terre d'Hermes Eau Intense VetiverSaponificio VaresinoDesert Vetiver
Azzaro Pour HommeSaponificio VaresinoFelce Aromatica
Cartier DeclarationSaponificio VaresinoMirto De Sardegna
Creed AventusSaponificio VaresinoOpuntia
Acqua Di Parma AmbraSaponificio VaresinoTundra Artica
Acqua Di Parma Colonia OudSaponificio VaresinoTundra Artica
Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mirto Di PanareaSaponificio VaresinoStella alpina
Davidoff Cool WaterSavon MystereAegean sea
Dior FahrenheitSavon MystereCelsius
FerumSavon MystereDior Sauvage
Fabergé BrutSavon MystereFougere Mystere
Old SpiceSavon Mystere, GreeceEast Indies Spice
Creed AventusShannon's SoapsAll The Rage
Jo Malone Earl Grey & CucumberShannon's SoapsBritish Tradition
Salvatore Ferragamo F BlackShannon's SoapsF-Mel
Creed Bois Du PortugalShannon's SoapsIberia
Chanel Allure Homme SportShannon's SoapsMars
Maison Margiela – Replica :: At The BarberShannon's SoapsRebrab
Chanel ChanceShannon's SoapsVenus
Creed AventusSMGEncore
Creed Aventus CologneSMGVittoria
Bleu De ChanelSoap CommanderCourage
Old SpiceSoap CommanderEndurance
Serge Lutens CherguiSoap CommanderFortitude
Fabergé BrutSoapy BathmanBarber Shop Quartet
Amouage Bracken ManSpearhead ShavingArdennes (Experimental Line)
Parfums De Marly HerodSphinx BeardAncient Kingdom
Kilian Black PhantomSphinx BeardBlack Desert
Creed Virgin Island WaterSphinx BeardCaribbean Island
Tom Ford Lost CherrySphinx BeardChokecherry
Creed Millesime ImperialSphinx BeardCitrange
Roja Parfums ElysiumSphinx BeardEcstasy
Creed AventusSphinx BeardLa fraicheur
Initio Parfums Psychodelic LoveSphinx BeardSpartan
Dior FahrenheitStirling Soap CoAlighieri
Terre D'HermesStirling Soap CoArkadia
Valentino Born in RomaStirling Soap CoBella Roma
Dana English LeatherStirling Soap CoBritish Leather
Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Fico Di AmalfiStirling Soap CoCampania
Bvlgari BlackStirling Soap CoCarmichael
Mont Blanc LegendStirling Soap CoD-503
Bleu De ChanelStirling Soap CoDeep Blue Sea
Viktor And Rolf SpicebombStirling Soap CoDeton8
Azzaro ChromeStirling Soap CoDirty South Wet Shavers 2019
Burberry Brit for WomenStirling Soap CoDuchess
Burberry Brit for MenStirling Soap CoDuke
Armani Acqua Di GioStirling Soap CoDunshire
Creed Green Irish TweedStirling Soap CoEskimo Tuxedo
Creed AventusStirling Soap CoExecutive Man
Tom Ford Grey VetiverStirling Soap CoFaskally
Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleStirling Soap CoHaverford
Gucci Guilty for WomenStirling Soap CoIniquity for Her
Gucci Guilty Pour HommeStirling Soap CoIniquity for Him
Creed Original SantalStirling Soap CoIntrepid Man
Creed Virgin Island WaterStirling Soap CoIsland Man
Viktor And Rolf SpicebombStirling Soap CoKaboom
Abercrombie & Fitch FierceStirling Soap CoLight-ish Red
Creed ErolfaStirling Soap CoMediterranean Man
Creed Silver Mountain WaterStirling Soap CoMountain Man
Drakkar NoirStirling Soap CoNoir
Tom Ford Ombre LeatherStirling Soap CoOro Valley
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaStirling Soap CoPiacenza
Tom Ford Grey VetiverStirling Soap CoR4L
Creed HimalayaStirling Soap CoRambling Man
Creed Millesime ImperialStirling Soap CoRoyal
Yves St. Laurent La Nuit De L’HommeStirling Soap CoSandpiper
Azzaro ChromeStirling Soap CoSB-129
Dior SauvageStirling Soap CoScarn
Creed Green Irish TweedStirling Soap CoSharp Dressed Man
Ralph Lauren Polo BlackStirling Soap CoStirling Black
Ralph Lauren Polo BlueStirling Soap CoStirling Blu
Versace Pour HommeStirling Soap CoStirling For Him
Ralph Lauren Polo GreenStirling Soap CoStirling Green
Old SpiceStirling Soap CoStirling Spice
Paco Rabannes InvictusStirling Soap CoTriumph
Hanae MoriStirling Soap CoTsuka
Victoria’s Secret Love SpellStirling Soap CoWitchy Woman
Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme OudStirling Soap Co.Oud Sigma
Prada L'HommeStirling Soap Co.Bonafide
Tom Ford Black OrchidStirling Soap Co.Shadow Orchid
Creed AventusStonefield Shaving Co / Purely Skinful Handmade EssentialsNo. 10
Old SpiceStonefield Shaving Co / Purely Skinful Handmade EssentialsNo. 37
Dior SauvageStonefield Shaving Co / Purely Skinful Handmade EssentialsNo. 66
Drakkar NoirStonefield Shaving Co / Purely Skinful Handmade EssentialsNo. 82
Broken Anatomy PerfumesStrike Gold ShaveBrain Dance
Alt Fragrances Colada (blend of Creed Virgin Island Water/Creed Aventus/Tom Ford Lost Cherry)Strike Gold ShaveCamp David
Azzaro Pour HommeStrike Gold ShaveCategory 4
Sultan Royal CrownStrike Gold ShaveChristmas Past
GendarmeStrike Gold ShaveClinton
Byredo SundazedStrike Gold ShaveEndless Summer
Yves St. Laurent YStrike Gold ShaveFearless
Maison Margiela – Replica :: By The FirepalceStrike Gold ShaveFireside Chat
Alt Fragrances Pristine (blend of Creed Aventus/Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540)Strike Gold ShaveGrant
Mugler A*Men Ultra ZestStrike Gold ShaveHonest Abe
Skin BracerStrike Gold ShaveHoover
Eight & Bob OriginalStrike Gold ShaveIke
Penhaligon's SartorialStrike Gold ShaveKennedy
Xerjoff Naxos 1861Strike Gold ShaveLa Befana
Goldfield & Banks Australia Pacific Rock MossStrike Gold ShaveNostalgia
Calvin Klein CK ObsessionStrike Gold ShaveShaveline NBD
Gucci EnvyStrike Gold ShaveSwamp Fox
Tommy Bahama for HimStrike Gold ShaveTallowscream
Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & HoneyStrike Gold ShaveThe Bee’s Knees
Dior Sauvage ElixirStrike Gold ShaveTippecanoe
Parfums De Marly LaytonStrike Gold ShaveUncle Jumbo
Aroma M SakuraStrike Gold Shave / Aroma M Sakura (Collaboration)Sakura Rouge
Zaharoff TabacStrike Gold Shave / Zaharoff (Collaboration)Zaharoff Tabac
Hugo Boss No 1Stubble BusterAbsolutely
Azzaro ChromeStubble BusterBurnish
Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour HommeStubble BusterCoastal
Calvin Klein CK Obsessed for MenStubble BusterDaybreak
Joop! HommeStubble BusterEvocative
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy for HimStubble BusterGame
Jean Paul Gaultier Le MaleStubble BusterGrunge
Dolce & Gabbana Dolce GabbanaStubble BusterImpertinent
Liz Claiborne Curve for MenStubble BusterMoxie
Dior FahrenheitStubble BusterResolute
Ralph Lauren Polo BlackStubble BusterStygian
Yves St. Laurent La Nuit De L’HommeStubble BusterVigor
Jean Paul Gaultier Le MaleSummer Break SoapsProm King
Jimmy Choo ManTalbot Shaving / Catie's BubblesValley of Fire
Creed AventusTaylor of Old Bond StreetRoyal Forest
Paco Rabanne 1 MillionTcheon Fung Sing"V" P-671
Felce Azzurra ClassicoTcheon Fung SingBarber Soap
Terre D'HermesTcheon Fung SingDanidevil Revolution
Jean Paul GautierTcheon Fung SingIl Duce II
Calvin Klein CK OneTcheon Fung SingTorino Forti Sensazioni 2021
Creed AventusThe Artisan Soap ShoppeTriumph
Creed Green Irish TweedThe Beer Soap CompanyIreland Tweed
Crafter's Choice™ Barber Shoppe - EO & FO Blend 123The CaYuen WorkshopLe Coiffeur
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540The ClubClub Baccara
Alexandria Fragrances OmertàThe ClubLa Costra Nostra
Histoires de Parfum 1899The ClubThe Novelist
Serge Lutens CherguiThe ClubTibetan Temple
Creed Silver Mountain WaterThe ClubWarrior Of Howling Fjord
Davidoff Cool WaterThe GoodFellas' SmileAbysso
Creed AventusThe GoodFellas' SmileChronos
Pino SilvestreThe GoodFellas' SmilePino Alpestre
Terre D'HermesThe GoodFellas' SmileRe Nero
Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo Di SiciliaThe GoodFellas' SmileShibusa 2
Chanel Platinum EgoisteThe GoodFellas' SmileSolo
Dior FahrenheitThe Shaving ShopThe Deal Maker
Yves St. Laurent La Nuit De L’HommeThrough the Fire Fine CraftCoe
Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour HommeThrough the Fire Fine CraftMr. Postman
Yves St. Laurent La Nuit De L’HommeThrough the Fire Fine CraftThe Beast
Yves St. Laurent L’HommeThrough the Fire Fine CraftThe Man
Fabergé BrutThrough the Fire Fine CraftVette
Crafter's Choice™ Barber Shoppe - EO & FO Blend 123Topher's Soap Co.Barbershop
Montale Intense CafeToscana Factory LabBeatrice
Dior SauvageToscana Factory LabDante
Dior SauvageToscana Factory LabDante
Dsquared He WoodToscana Factory LabWooden Brat
Blamage NasomattoToscana Factory LabAsterios
Interlude Man AmouageToscana Factory LabButterfly
Profumum Roma Acqua di SaleToscana Factory LabSapore di Mare
Crafter's Choice™ Bay Rum - EO & FO Blend 129True North ShavingBay Rum
Penhaligan's EndymionVan YulayAetlous
Carlos Santana for MenVan YulayAfter Dark
Chanel Allure Homme SportVan YulayAllure
Kilian Back To BlackVan YulayB2B
Keith Urban PhoenixVan YulayBacchus
Bvlgari Man In BlackVan YulayBlack
Drakkar NoirVan YulayBlack Dragon
Ralph Lauren Polo BlueVan YulayBlue Roan
Hugo Boss BottledVan YulayBoss Man
Diesel Fuel for LifeVan YulayBrandstof
Davidoff Cool WaterVan YulayBrisk Waters
Liz Claiborne Curve for MenVan YulayCamelot
Acqua Di Parma ColoniaVan YulayCiudad Del Aqua
Liz Claiborne Curve Crush for MenVan YulayCrush It
Acqua Di Parma Colonia OudVan YulayDistinguished Man
Bleu De ChanelVan YulayDress Bleu's
Paco Rabanne 1 MillionVan YulayFortune
Dior SauvageVan YulayGentle Savauge
Armani Acqua Di GioVan YulayGlacier
Creed Green Irish TweedVan YulayIrish Tweed
Terre D'HermesVan YulayJawp
Jean Paul Gaultier Le MaleVan YulayJean
Yves St. Laurent Rive GaucheVan YulayLa Rive
Fabergé BrutVan YulayMinotaur
Old SpiceVan YulayOld Spice
Ralph Lauren Polo RedVan YulayPassion Roja
Creed Royal OudVan YulayRoyal Oudh
Versace Pour HommeVan YulayShuyak Island
Creed AventusVan YulaySuccess
Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleVan YulayTabac De Laval
Joop! HommeVan YulayYahweh
Pinaud ClubmanVan YulayZephyrus
Armani Acqua Di GioViking Shaving SoapFjord
Creed Green Irish TweedViking Shaving SoapHedeby
Creed AventusViking Shaving SoapRagnar
Tom Ford Black OrchidWet Shaving ProductsBlack Orchid
Drakkar NoirWet Shaving ProductsFougere Noir
Creed Green Irish TweedWet Shaving ProductsGaelic Tweed
Creed Silver Mountain WaterWet Shaving ProductsMatterhorn
Creed AventusWet Shaving ProductsOlympus
Davidoff Cool WaterWet Shaving ProductsSummer Breeze
Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleWet Shaving ProductsTabacco Vanille
Creed AventusWet The FaceFaceBook 2K
Tom Ford Grey VetiverWet The FaceGrey's Vetiver
Davidoff Cool WaterWet The FaceInto The Mystic
Tom Ford White SuedeWet The FaceLodge 49
Old SpiceWet The FaceSpices From The Sea
Creed Green Irish TweedWet The FaceThe Quiet Man
Ralph Lauren Polo SportWet The FaceThe Sport of Kings
Creed AventusWet The Face2K
Mancera Cedrat BoiseWholly KawCedrati
Nishane B-612Wholly KawDouble Agent
Houbigant Fougère RoyaleWholly KawFougere Bouquet
Tom Ford Tuscan LeatherWholly KawItalian Holiday
Mugler Pure MaltWholly KawKing of Bourbon
Fabergé BrutWholly KawLa Fougere Parfaite
Chopard Oud MalakiWholly KawPasha's Pride
Phaedon Tabac RougeWholly KawSandhurst
Initio Parfums Side EffectWholly KawTimmermann Red
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540Wholly KawValentynka
Tom Ford Tuscan LeatherWholly KawVor V
Creed AventusWickham Soap CoClassic 24
Murray and Lanman Florida WaterWickham Soap CoClub Cola
Bleu De ChanelWickham Soap CoLe Bleu
Molton Brown TempletreeWickham Soap CoMagnum
Annick Goutal Ninfeo MioWickham Soap CoNinfeo Di Egeria
Cusson's Imperial LeatherWickham Soap CoRussion Leather
Creed Green Irish TweedWickham Soap CoShamrock Tweed
Old SpiceWild West Shaving Co.Snake Oil
Bvlgari Man In BlackZingari ManBlacksmith
Bvlgari Man Wood EssenceZingari ManThe Explorer
Maison Margiela – Replica :: Jazz ClubZingari ManThe Soloist
Le Labo Santal 26Zingari ManThe Tribe
Crafter's Choice™ Barber Shoppe - EO & FO Blend 123Zingari ManThe Wanderer
Rirana Parume Black WoodZingari Man / Rirana Parume (Collaboration)Black Wood
Rirana Parume Coconut NanasZingari Man / Rirana Parume (Collaboration)Coconut Nanas

Do you have a dupe/homage you are aware of that we are missing from our list?  Submit it here and we will be happy to add it (once confirmed).