Razor: Rockwell 6s on 3
Blade: Voskhod
Brush: Rubberset Silvertip
Soap: Dr. Jon’s Blood Oath
Aftershave: Dr. Jon’s Blood Oath

Another hot one on the prairies.  I decided to grab something a bit more citrus forward.  This offering from Dr. Jon’s was calling my name.  The scent notes on this are blood orange, casia, coriander, howood, marjoram, copaiba and vanilla.  This isn’t your traditional bright citrus.  My understanding is that this is a seasonal around holiday time.  I grabbed it from Top of the Chain because the artwork was cool and the scent notes sounded unique.  Right off the top you get that citrus blood orange in your face but it rounds out to what I would describe as sweet, powdery and warm with just a touch of spice.  Scent strength on this is about a medium, and it lingered for a little while after the shave.

This is the v3 vegan base offering from Dr. Jon’s and honestly I don’t understand why you don’t see or hear more about them.  This base performed very well.  It loads very easily, has excellent cushion and slickness.  I’d say the residual slickness held up as well and the post shave felt great.    The packaging is in a very wide mouth tin which I appreciated for easy loading.   If you aren’t a fan of tins that may be a let down, but as far as tins go, this is one of the better executed ones.  When comparing with other vegan bases in my den, this stands near the top.  And while I didn’t get that glossy/shiny lather I’m used to in some of the newer bases, it performed extremely well.  I had a fantastic shave today.

For the post, I used the matching splash.  This formulation is a bit of a let down for me.   The formulation is fairly basic and has alcohol, menthol and alum in it.  With that match up, even the smoothest shaves I’m getting a burn, like I did today.  I also found the menthol crushed the scent a bit for me off the top.  On the dry down the mintiness went away and I was left with the original scent, which I much preferred.  My skin didn’t dry out or anything from the post.  After the burn went away I felt pretty damn good, but I don’t think the post shave added much to the experience.

Other than a little bit of a let down from the splash, pretty hard to complain about the results today.  I got a smooth 3 pass BBS shave today, and what more can a guy ask for in a shave?  All for now – J




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