Razor: Yaqi Knight Helmet
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword
Brush: Simms with 21.5mm Frank Shaving best badger
Soap: Lather Bros Flora Colossus
Aftershave: Lather Bros Flora Colossus Splash

After the deep and rich scent yesterday from WSP, I decided to switch things up and go with a light and refreshing today with this offering from Lather Bros.  The scent on Flora Colossus is a blend of Lavender, Asian Pear and Cedar.  This definitely hits that fresh and refreshing vibe.  Off the puck I find this to be on the lighter side.  The Asian Pear gives a subtle sweetness and softens the herbaceousness of the lavender.  This overlays a subtle cedar note.  It is quite nice, even though it isn’t really in my wheelhouse scent wise.  Once lathered, it strengthens up a touch but I’d still say it remains on the lighter side.

Today was my first use of this recently re-knotted Simms handle with a 21.5 best badger from Frank Shaving.    I have lathered with it several times to get the funk out and break it in a touch, but it still needs a bit of work.  It is still shedding a bit more than I would like.  The knot also seems like it was oddly shaped, missing some of the symmetry I long for.  Performance wise it had a good balance of backbone and softness and was quite comfortable.  I did have a bit of trouble dialing in the lather today but I blame the brush and not the soap.  I’ve used Lather Bros several times and have had no issues.  I just need to figure this guy out.  Once the knot has bloomed out I am quite happy with how it looks.  My tip for those restoring vintage brushes, go with a badger over synthetic, they bloom out and perform much better in the smaller knot sizes than a synthetic.

The razor today was the Yaqi Knight Helmet head on their new style handle.  I love the handle design, it has nice weight, deep knurling and the colours available are really nice.  The razor head, not so much.  This razor head is hella aggressive.  I was riding the blade the entire shave.  Not comfortable at all.  I used the lightest touch and got thru 2 passes and didn’t dare try a third.  Given the aggressiveness, I was able to get a very close and efficient 2 pass shave, but it sure wasn’t a luxury experience.

Surprisingly, no irritation from the shave.  The after shave had a bit more strength, but I’d still say it was on the lighter side.  This is definitely one of those scents I’m a touch nose blind to, as my wife has already commented on the scent from the other room.  I do wish this splash had a little more skin food in it, but it did the job today.  Considering the aggressiveness of the razor, that is more than fine by me.