Razor: ALE 9/8″ 1/2 hollow
Brush: Yaqi Synthetic
Soap: Tcheon Fung Sing Rasozero Barbacco
Other: Tcheon Fung Sing Rasozero Barbacco Pre-shave

Tcheon Fung Sing Rasozero Barbacco…. another Winners find, such a bargain I couldn’t pass it up. TFS makes decent starter soaps that are budget friendly, fairly easy to lather and perform adequately. Where I do find TFS usually fails me is scent inconsistency with strengths that can vary from tub to tub and often lose there potency with a bit of age. Today’s shave was a good example of that.

This was my first go with a TFS pre-shave. It went on a bit thick but when I added a touch of water it loosened up and coated the face well. Did it improve the shave? I think so. Scent on this is tobacco with mint. The mint isn’t in your face but it does change the vibe of the Tobacco, so much so I couldn’t say this is anywhere close to the soap scent. I wasn’t a fan of that at all. It wasn’t unpleasant but not really something I’d grab often or pair with this soap.

The soap itself offers notes of tobacco, sage, ylang, jasmine sandalwood and birch tar. This is the scent I was looking for when I grabbed both tubs (guess I should have sniffed both). This is a wonderful pipe tobacco with some sweet and bright notes. I really liked this scent, even though it is on the lighter side of medium. The base is a typical soft Italian style vegan base. Hit it with a fairly dry brush or you will be working proto-lather for days. Once sufficiently loaded you will be able to lather easy by slowly adding water. Cushion and lathered slickness are about average, residual slickness a touch less. Probably not a great choice for a straight shave but today I had no issues, I think the pre-shave picked up the slack. Post shave for me was also average. I didn’t find it dried me out, but I wouldn’t skip a post shave product either. A quick touch of unscented balm will do wonders to to complete your shave in these instances.

A pretty drama free shave, nothing that will blow you away with performance but the software will fit any budget and gets the job done with no issues.



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