Razor: Boker King Cutter 5/8
Brush: Paragon synthetic
Soap: The Club La Cosa Nostra
Aftershave: The Club La Cosa Nostra

Another recent addition to my den, La Cosa Nostra from The Club. I received this set unused from a member of the CWS Facebook group. It smells fantastic. Agarwood (Oud), Tob*cco, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Spicy Notes, and Whiskey. A fantastic blend. Scent strength was great, not too strong but not too mild, right in my wheel house. I believe this is the new formulation (same soap base as used in the A&E Asian Plum released recently), but I can’t be certain as there were no ingredient list on the tub. It lathered up very easily with the Paragon synthetic, nice slickness and plenty of cushion.

I went through 3 passes with this recent addition to my den, a 5/8 Boker King Cutter that was recently restored. It has a nice weight to it and was nice and smooth. Unfortunately, as I continue learning I still suffer the odd nick, today in a sensitive spot right under the nose. I even pulled out the alum block to touch that spot up.

I finished with the matching aftershave. This one came with a spray lid. I gave a couple spray pumps on the hands and splashed on the face. No burn at all. A really nice finish and the scent was a great match to the soap. A fantastic shave to finish out the weekend.



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