Razor: George Wostenholm & Sons Celebrated 6/8 Near Wedge
Brush: Rubberset Cashmere Synthetic
Soap: True North Shaving Bay Rum
Aftershave: Crown Shaving Co After Shave Tonic
Other: Crown Shaving Co Signature Blend Cologne

Day 3 of #7DaysofBarbershop. Today I grabbed my True North Shaving Bay Rum for my barbershop shave. To me, Bay Rum is more its own genre, there is enough different Bay Rum takes that I think it stands on its own. But, I would be remiss if I didn’t give Bay Rum its due, this is a tried and true wet shaving classic that many a barber used back in the day. As such, for the traditional wet shaver, Bay Rum can always be put in the conversation of a barbershop.

For me, the real barbershop hero of this shave is the Tonic and Cologne from Crown Shaving Co. It’s funny how tastes change as I liked this initially when I first got it and quickly started to dislike it due to the anise. I actually got rid of it. Fast forward several months and my favourite barbershop, High Noon Barber began to use this for me and I grew to love it, so much so I had to acquire it again.

The scent notes on this are tobacco, leather, Bay Rum (a perfect bridge to the shave soap), and barber’s talc. There is also anise seed oil in the ingredients list which contributes to the scent. To me I got that bold and masculine anise liquorice type vibe with a rounding of subtle bay rum, leather and tobacco. All this flanked by that wonderful barber’s talc for a bold new take on a barbershop scent. Performance is great as this feels very hydrating on the skin and the scent will carry for hours.

A testament to how much I now love the scent, I added the matching cologne. This budget friendly roll on cologne is a perfect scent match and will extend the projection and longevity of the splash scent for you to rock that barbershop vibe for hours on end.



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