Razor: ALE 9/8″
Brush: That Darn Rob Synthetic
Soap: Hub City Soap Co Aegyptus
Aftershave: Hub City Soap Co Aegyptus splash, Highland Springs Silence balm
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

Had a bit of trouble picking the software for a shave today.  I have added so many good things that narrowing it down has been a bit of a challenge.  In browsing through the selection I spotted this set from Hub City and realised I hadn’t yet featured this in a SOTD as of yet.  Choice made.

This offering is a very fragrant, stand out masculine scent.   Scent notes are ozone, jasmine, leather, tonka, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, amber and powder.  It definitely opens creamy and sweet with the jasmine and tonka but the leather, patchouli, musk round it out and gives that strong masculine backbone.  The powder, amber and sandalwood really bridge the sweet with the masculine.  This scent is very well blended and I am a big fan, although I’d probably avoid it in the heat.  Scent strength is mid strong, any more in this scent profile and I think it would be cloying.

Hub City really has something going with their soap base.  It loads and lathers very easily and gives great performance across the board.  I wouldn’t say it is that extra buttery post shave people are starting to gravitate to but it still does perform like a champ.

Today I reached for my favourite straight, my 9/8 ALE.  I’m really out of practice with a straight and was a bit heavy handed in spots.  I could tell I had a bit of irritation post shave entirely due to my technique.  Knowing this, I followed the matching splash (also excellent) with this unscented balm from Highland Springs.  This balm doesn’t get enough props because it is truly excellent.  It goes on light, absorbs very well and provides fantastic performance.  If I have a rough shave or just need some extra skin hydration from a weaker performing splash I always grab it.  It really belongs in everyone’s den.

After a little skin treatment, the result was an amazing shave today.  No complaints and I’m smelling like a champ.  All for now – J



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