Razor: Karve CB on C / John Clarke & Son Sheffield 3/4″ (Not pictured)
Blade: Super-max Super Platinum
Brush: Spiffo Two Band
Soap: Highland Springs Kootenay Breeze
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

#samplesaturday and up today is a sample I received from Stonefield Shaving Company, Kootenay Breeze by Highland Springs. As far as I can tell, this soap isn’t even available for purchase at this time, which is a bit frustrating as I really liked it. Scent notes also aren’t available so I have to do my best description off the sample. To my nose, I get a subtle cool and refreshing scent. Slightly aquatic, slightly fresh like snow. No menthol to my nose at all. Just a nice refreshing scent. I really enjoyed it and would welcome it to my den when it does become available. The base is no slouch, easy to lather, very protective and plenty slick.

Plans changed a bit after I took the photo. I initially planned to do a 3 pass with the Karve (which recently was welcomed back into the den after a short vacation in Brandon, MB). Then I noticed my straight sitting there and thought, geeze, I need to do at least once pass with that bad boy. Man am I glad I did. I really dig this Sheffield. 1 pass, smooth as silk. In the interest of time, I continued with the Karve for pass 2 and 3. The straight did such a good job, other that a couple patches I would mostly doing minor clear up. A very nice 1st pass with the straight.

A great fresh shave to start the weekend.



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