Razor: Yaqi Mellon
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword
Brush: Spiffo two band
Soap: Collin’s Trade & Supply Red Jack
Aftershave: Layrite No.9 Bay Rum Aftershave

For my Friday shave I pulled this new den addition from Collin’s Trade & Supple, Red Jack. Collin’s Trade & Supply is the Spiffo line of shaving software so it felt fitting to pair it with the gorgeous Spiffo two band brush. I don’t have the matching aftershave (a recent addition to the Spiffo lineup) so I paired it with this Layrite bay rum aftershave that was PIFed to me.

Red Jack is made with essential oils and is described as of Patchouli, Cedarwood, Clove and a hint of Lime. To my nose I get a bit of a bay rum meets cola vibe. Scent strength I’d say it is slightly above medium. Once lathered up, the cedarwood seems to join the party a bit more. It is a really nice scent and what a lather! A quick load with the damp Spiffo and the lather just exploded out the tub. I had enough lather for 10 passes, and it was a nice dense lather. Slickness, cushion and post shave were all quite good. A really nice shave.

Since I didn’t have the matching aftershave I went with the bay rum/clove vibe I was getting and paired it with this Layrite aftershave splash. Bay Rum usually isnt my thing and to be honest, this one is no exception. I’d say this is on the stronger scale of bay rums I’ve smelled, the clove is also quite apparent. It is alcohol based but I got absolutely no burn from it. To me it performed like a witch hazel based aftershave. I can say that while it is strong going on, by the time I was out the door for work the scent had completely softened. I would say this likely wont have much longevity, but I think the skin performance will be very good for an alcohol splash. If you like bay rum but dont want it with you all day, this could be a big win for you.

Another great Friday shave. Now to power thru the day to make it to the weekend. Just got a postal tracking notice that I have a pickup waiting. Knowing what is waiting for me, it is going to make the day that much longer 😛 Have a great Friday all!



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