Razor: Paragon ‘The Ace’
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword
Brush: Rubberset with Cashmere knot
Soap: Bella’s Blissful Body Treats Cool Water
EDT: Davidoff Cool Water
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

#samplesaturday Every now and then I hop on Etsy and browse shaving gear. You will often find unique items, vintage razors and brushes and discover new artisans. In my browsing of Canadian products I kept running across these shave soaps from Bella’s Blissful Body Treats. The ingredient list didn’t scream shave soap, but I liked some of the scents. Instead of continue to hesitate I decided to reach out to the vendor and inquire about the product. She offered to send me a sample if I covered the shipping (did I mention the free shipping promo on Tuesday’s this month?). I took her up on the offer and was pleasantly surprised when the package showed up with 3 full shave pucks (Cool Water, Red Cedar and Eucalyptus Spearmint) and a root beer lip balm (which my son quickly confiscated).

The pucks came shrink wrapped in plastic and then again in paper. So first thing I needed to do was drop the puck in a spare tin I had available. The puck is a very hard and clear puck. I used the Cool Water as I have the EDT to match. Scent strength is mid-strong and a really nice match for the EDT. What I realized and confirmed with the vendor, this is a melt and pour glycerin soap. That isnt a bad thing, it is just different than the typical artisan soaps I use. I would compare it to the Colonel Konk products.

The soap itself lathered quite easily. It definitely was different than the typical buttered artisan soap/cream, but it was a nice stable lather. I found the slickness was quite good, and was surprised there was some residual slickness and cushion as well. I did find the post shave lacking a bit, leaving me a bit dry. That wouldn’t stop me from using, but it would be important to follow up with a post shave product that hydrates. Also, with the scents, I would suggest that if you are sensitive skin this could cause a some irritation. If you are effected by heavier scents this one might not be for you. But, if the scents speak to you, dont hesitate on this. It is still far better than the can goo or foam and will give you a nice shave. Price point is really good as well. It is nice to have a Cool Water soap to pair with my EDT for those days.

This Paragon razor is a really efficient beast. I reminded myself today, very light touch, no pressure at all and got a really close 3 pass shave today. No weepers and no razor burn at all. A great shave to start the weekend.



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