Razor: Ever-Ready 1912
Blade: Gem PTFE single edge
Brush: Spiffo two band badger
Soap: Barrister and Mann Hollows
Aftershave: Barrister and Mann Hollows splash

Happy Halloween! Like many other wet shavers today I opted for a Halloween shave with Barrister & Mann Hollows, another recent addition to the den. Vetiver, oakmoss, black pepper, cocoa, labdanum, and cedar. That sounded right up my alley and with the love it has been getting online I was lucky to stumble across a set.

When I first opened the container I was greeted with a harsh opening. Bah, another Barrister & Mann soap offering that is off the rails for me. I get that bitter wet leaves-in-fall vibe off the puck. But hey, it is Halloween and I already took the photo, so I persevered. I quickly was surprised that the scent really softened out once lathered. The sweeter notes of cocoa and labdanum came thru mellowing this right out. I went from strong hate to hey, this isn’t half bad with a few whips of the Spiffo. I’m still waiting for the soap/splash from B&M that blows me away before I really like the soap base. It loads and lathers easily into a nice glossy and slick lather. Protection was great, as was slickness and post shave.

And while on the subject of pleasantly surprised, damn it Jason you enabler, I am now on the hunt for an Ever-ready 1912 of my own. A couple shaves in with this SE and I need to add one to the collection. There is just the perfect amount of blade feel for me, nice and smooth with a really nice feedback. I also find it very efficient. It was a morning shave before work today so I wasn’t taking my time by any stretch but an efficient 3 passes later, I got a fantastic BBS shave.

I finished up the shave with the matching splash. Luckily I found it closer to the lathered Hollows vs the harsher off the puck scent. Very little burn today (another sign of the smooth Ever-ready performer) and I was ready to start the day. A fantastic shave to start the day. This set is already scheduled to move on to another owner, but I feel better about it now that I’ve run it through a shave.

Now off to work and the sugar rush I will be getting from all the candy today…. have a fun and safe Halloween all!



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