Razor: Ming Shi 2000
Blade: Wilkinson Sword
Brush: Simms Best Badger
Soap: True North Shaving Bay Rum
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

Up today is another Canadian find.  I can thank Jonathan at Stonefield Shaving for this discovery, he recently added a few of the True North Shaving products to his store.  While the packaging is on the modest side, the ingredient list caught my eye containing Tallow & Goat Milk.  The price point was fantastic so I figured why not?  I also love giving a Canadian artisan a shot.

Inside the tin you will find a hard puck of soap wrapped in paper.  Once unwrapped the puck will bounce a little in the tin, but with a little force you can push the soap sides down to prevent slippage while loading your brush.  This bay rum scent is right up my alley, reminding me of the Cannon Street Road cream from Hoxton Shave Co.  I really wish one of the two companies made a matching splash because I really like this bay rum take.  It has a sweet cookie vibe going for it.  Scent on this is on the lighter side of medium, opening up a touch whilst lathering.  I’ve used this a couple times now and I find you will really benefit from a heavy load.

The soap itself I found lathered quite easily without a lot of water.  I think my lather today could have benefited from a bit more water but I didn’t want to push it with this particular brush.  Lather didn’t explode into a huge volume but it also wasn’t that flat super glossy lather either.    I have a hard time describing it, but it wasn’t airy and falling apart like a poor quality soap might.  I can tell this is a well formulated product.  I think this particular soap will just benefit from a synthetic brush and a bit more patience to really hit that hydration sweet spot.   I did get a fantastic shave today, somewhat surprising given the cheapo Ming Shi I was shaving with.  Cushion was a touch lacking (I think this will be much better when I dial it in) but slickness was really good.  You could shave with a straight with no issues.  Post shave was also good, no dryness or need for a post shave product.  All in all I was quite impressed with this offering and for the price point, it is worth picking up a tin.

Now I just need to find a matching splash and I’ll be in heaven.  I’ve smelled several takes on Bay Rum but haven’t come across one like this thus far.  No clove here to worry about.  Just a slightly sweet, approachable Bay Rum.



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