Razor: Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements DOC
Blade: Lord super stainless
Brush: Paragon synthetic
Soap: First Canadian Shave Soap Company Polar Vortex
Aftershave: First Canadian Shave Company Polar Vortex

Woke up bright and early today so I had time to do up a SOTD. I’ve been in the middle of an epic mail call week. I got some very generous birthday gifts recently and used to acquire some more den gear. I wanted to spruce up my Canadian content in the den. I have a Karve razor OTW and I grabbed this new Paragon brush and a selection of other Canadian software like this Polar Vortex set.

I’ve been really digging these Lord blades lately. In an aggressive razor they are a no go, but in my milder gear I’m getting a fantastic shave with them. Today I used the PAA DOC and it didn’t disappoint. Nice and smooth. I may have to add a few more of these blades as I’m reaching for them more often.

For the brush, I had been eyeing up a Paragon for a while Really it came down to having trouble deciding Boar, Badger or Synthetic. I opted for the synthetic. I have a couple boars in my regular rotation, and I don’t reach for my badgers very often, so I figured a synthetic would be a good choice for a starter. The knot has a nice balance of softness, backbone and density. The handle is super comfortable, even if it is a bit bigger than I’m used to, and it is a work of art. I love how this brush looks and performs. My only concern is how the wood handle will hold up. I will see how it stands the tests of time.

I grabbed the Polar Vortex to run today. It is already warming up so I wanted a chill to start the day. I have to be honest, I really miss the old First Canadian Soap formula. This new one, it just isn’t for me. It is a cream with a strange texture, when opening the lid all the cream had shifted a bunch due to shipping. Loading is pretty much just dipping the tips in and go. The soap itself is very slick, VERY. But it doesn’t give much density to the lather and as such I find the cushion lacks a bit. Scent wise, this is a blend of some earthy notes, some floural notes and minty notes. The scent, it just isn’t for me. It has a heavy menthol kick, but not in the same realm as Stirling Glacial, B&M Artique, etc. It is the edge of what I would say is comfortable for me but the reward is a fantastic chilling post shave. The aftershave is a perfect match and is nice and soothing. This is a st I wont be keeping but if you like a stronger, but not overwhelming menthol kick, and you like really slick soaps/creams, I’m confident you will dig this.

All for now my friends,



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