Razor: Gem Jr Bar
Blade: Personna GEM PTFE Coated
Brush: CSB Plisson Synthetic
Soap: Stonefield Shaving Company Prairie Thunderstorm
Aftershave: Maol Grooming Heliopteris Frosted splash

It’s Friday…. and I have the day off.  Three day weekend 🙂  What better way to start the weekend than with a SOTD.

I’ve been itching to give this Gem Jr Bar another go since my friend Jason (follow him on YouTube, Distorted Cheese Shaving) hooked me up with a few of these Personna Gem PTFE Coated blades.  Let me tell you, the experience was night and day different than the vintage blades I picked up with it.  I’d say the razor trends toward mild but at the same time efficient.  It takes a bit of practice working with the different angle, the head size and the shorter handle.  I can tell as I practice more I’m going to get some dandy shaves with this guy.

The brush is an aliexpress purchase I made a couple months ago (which means it finally arrived).  It was cheap, and I’ve always been drawn to this older Rubberset style handle.  I love the look on this resin handle, the red and the ivory handle is really nice for a cheapo brush.  Where the brush falls down is the knot.  This 24mm plisson synthetic knot is not very good.    It feels springy, but not dense.  Not scritchy but not soft.  Just an average cheapo synthetic.  I may pickup another knot and re-knot this guy with something I like better.

For the soap today I pulled this Prairie Thunderstorm.  It has been dreary on the prairies this week so I figured this would be a good fit.  The base on this is the Prohibition Style premium vegan base.  It lathers well, gives good protection and slickness.  Today I found there was no residual slickness so I had to pay attention I wasn’t hitting any spots unlathered.  The scent on this is Fougere, Lavender, Neroli, Aqua.  It is a slightly bright, floral, aquatic scent.  It is nice, but not really in my wheelhouse.  If the scent notes appeal to you though, you will be very happy with the soap.

To finish off I matched it up with the Maol Grooming Heliopteris Frosted.  The performance on this stuff is great, I really dig it.  The menthol kick is quite mild and doesn’t come through right away on the skin, but you feel a bit of chill cooling you out in the end.  Really nice stuff.  Unfortunately the scent still isn’t growing on me, I figure this will be making its way out of my den soon and I’ll look at picking up another scent from Maol in the near future.

Anyways, enough procrastinating, I have some more work to get back to.  Have a great day!

PS – Oh ya, don’t forget to enter our giveaway for the Spiffo two band brush.  The giveaway closes tomorrow at noon CST.



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