Razor: Yaqi Mellon
Blade: Wilkinson Sword
Brush: DS Cosmetic Captain synthetic
Soap: Face Fat Green Fougère

The snow is coming down today in the prairies…. a picturesque scene of light cotton snow lightly falling. It put me in the mood for a winter shave. Fougère you say? That doesn’t sounds like a winter soap.

This offering from Face Fat is different than your average fougère. This has that essence of a fougère, but with the addition of wintergreen it has a fresh winter vibe to it. The full scent notes are Wintergreen, Lavender, Lemongrass, White Fir all built with a formulation of essential oils. The base is a vegan formulation with several high quality butters and oils.

The base itself, for me, it didn’t take a lot of water. I pushed it about as far as I was comfortable pushing it without the lather breaking down. I didn’t get a big pillow-like lather. Cushion was OK, not elite in any regards. Slickness was good, as was the residual slickness. Post shave was quite good, my skin was left feeling soft and hydrated. This is a very nice vegan offering with essential oil formulation. If that is your thing you would really dig this soap I’m sure. For the fougère fans, this is a really nice winter option.

The DS Cometic brush, I’m still not sure on. The look is quite nice but I do find it overly synthetic and fake feeling. The bristles aren’t really soft and feel very springy. Density isn’t great either. The knot shape, I’m still getting used to it and it makes bowl lathering a bit more of a challenge. I’ll keep with it and see if my thoughts change on it.



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