Razor: Soviet ZTV Extra 1960 5/8
Brush: Sloyd Synthetic
Soap: Wet Shaving Products Mahogany

I’ve had a Wet Shaving Products soap in my den for a while and I’ve always liked the simplicity of it.  Nothing fancy or pretentious, just a down to earth work horse shave soap.  That particular soap (Vetiver) is in their Rustic base (vegan).  I’ve always been interested in their Formula T base (tallow) and this week I had the opportunity to add one to the den…. Mahogany.

Packaging on this is in a 4.7 size tin.  I know that may be a turn off for some, but I actually like it.  They are a bit better for the environment and if you treat them with just a touch of care they hold up plenty fine.  Labels are simple, yet elegant… and waterproof.   Upon opening the tin I was greeted with a wonderfully strong scent.  The scent on this is mahogany, bergamot, vanilla, cedar and allspice.  The blend is fantastic giving a really rich woodsy/spicy scent.  The vanilla and bergamot are subtle, only adding the hint of bright sweetness to the otherwise robust masculine scent.  This brings to mind Declaration Grooming’s Cuir et Épices, without the heavy leather backbone.  I really enjoyed the scent and am now longing for the matching splash.

Performance on this was quite good.  Lathering was very easy.  It loaded and exploded with just the hint of water.  Once dialed in, there was a subtle sheen to it.  This didn’t feel as rich and buttery as some of the newer bases on the market but it more than did the job.  Cushion was good.  Slickness both lathered and residual were also good.  Post shave was above average, better than the Rustic formula, and just over the edge of where you don’t need a post shave.

Had a great shave with the Soviet straight today.  This little workhorse does wonders, feels very sturdy and has a surprisingly smooth edge.  I’m trying to dedicate my Saturdays to straight razor shaving so I can continue to improve on the technique.  Today was almost perfect, save a tiny nick that happened literally the second the blade hit my face.  All smooth sailing from there, lol

Looks like today is a PJ day.  A large dump of snow and a huge drop in temps look to keep me house bound for the day.  No issues with that.  Stay warm out there folks, and have a good one!



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